Communication Manager F/37

Published: 11 September 2020

 Reflections during my coaching:

- Ongoing: Reflect on what makes this situation dysfunctional & address that in a writing to yourself and ask yourself: Why do I do what I do if it's dysfunctional? 

Growth: What is getting in the way of my growing?
- Insight: This behavor isn't weakness. These insights are the key to identifying the problem and developing. 
- Nurture what energizes me (social aspect/Analytical/research side = my management drives. Why am I there?
- Create opportunities for this & if its not met, don't fear moving on
- Don't depend on others for approval/value (making a SMART goal around 'gaining others' respect doesn't work - no control over this)- this needs to come from within or else no work/work relations/any relations will be :) . 
- Confront your fear of confrontation (Criticism isn't punishment, it's not 'not being loved, it's a moment to learn.) Fearing others disappointment =child, time to move on to adulthood. 
- I'm in charge. 
- Fuck What everyone thinks!
- That said, have a counter-person at the office to check in with about these/help with tasks

- Push myself to have the courage: to address this, confront it, and grow. It is only about work not about me!
- Support from boss to make this happen: open & eerlijk . Trust to get this done.

- Managing expectations:
- Get explicit: Debrief with colleagues and actively clarifying what is so we're not working on assumptions 
- Work should be a Fair Trade on how and what: limited time/capacity so if something is asked, something else must be put on lower priority. My priority is to have priorities with Boss Clear
- Managing own expectations: I'm not there to change the organisation. And high quality demands on myself can be debilitating if they are unrealistic: Impossible goals don't help anybody. Give yourself a break and set realistic goals for yourself.





Change Manager M/53

Published: 13 March 2020

Through specific and direct questions, I was able to understand the root causes of my stress triggers. In addition, through a structured analysis of my personality, interests, and skills I built a professional profile with which I felt not only satisfied but also re-energized and self-confident to approach the Dutch market. Tineke is a professional, her theoretical knowledge and practical examples connect easily with your own experience and feelings

Chief HR F/42

Published: 12 November 2019

I have learned to fulfil the full majority I have!
I have taken a lot out of our sessions, not least a greater sense of confidence and the ability to walk tall.
I am ready for my next step.

Project manager M/40

Published: 21 November 2018
"Strongly recommended, especially if you aren't really sure what you're looking to find out. A personal and pleasant touch makes the coaching sessions fly by, but they never felt like they were rushed for time. Tineke takes her time to understand before offering any bit of insights.

Business controller F/38

Published: 12 April 2018

I needed to challenge myself more. What is my next stage, how do I develop myself more? I also liked to learn to be less emotional. Tineke suggested and proposed to focus more on myself not the rest of the world. She showed me different ways of looking at the issues, stop blaming the others. She helped me to find in myself what I really like and that helped me to grow within the company.

Program manager F/40

Published: 28 May 2017

" With the guidance of Tineke I learned new insights about myself. I managed to understand better how my own mind works and thus make changes in order to improve in my carrier and personal life. Going through the sessions was easy as she was able to create an environment of understanding and acceptance. The entire process can get heavy, as you have to be willing to dig in your past and be true to yourself but with the help of Tineke, it was smooth and pleasant. The sessions have changed my entire perspective on life and work, helped find a better balance, work on my strengths and weaknesses. As a result, I became a better version of myself and I am more aware and willing to keep on working on improving. I warmly recommend her, she is a great coach and person. "

Recruiter/Project manager F/32

Published: 02 March 2017

Throughout the coaching program, which happened to be during a very difficult burn-out period, I experienced enormous support. I learned a great deal through working with a coach who dealt with my issues warmly, personally, and professionally.

Commercial manager M/52

Published: 16 February 2017

Unexpectedly, I received a negative work evaluation. I was suffering from feeling pressured at work, and this led to feeling insecure, both physically as mentally. The coaching sessions really helped!

CFO F/45

Published: 24 January 2017

Since the coaching I am less tired and feel much less responsible for everything. I am still in the middle of changing my working methods. It is for me a real process

IT analyst M/41

Published: 24 November 2016

Through this coaching, I have learned to have more confidence in my own abilities and skills, and to feel less inferior. This is via a better understanding of why I demonstrated this behaviour.

Entrepeneur F/42

Published: 04 July 2016

The day I started my sessions with Tineke, I was feeling lost. I’d been in the same job for almost 15 years with little to no change. Starting over again was exciting but also very daunting. I was unsure of my value to a more modern market and how I could apply my skills accordingly. And what were those skills that I could offer as I felt they were very outdated.

Development manager F/30

Published: 05 April 2016

Career Coaching encouraged me to take a next step into leadership. With all her experience and countless knowledge of human nature, Tineke can quickly assess situations and people, and get to heart of the problem. She wins trust quickly and dares to tell it like it is.

Head Products Development M/42

Published: 21 March 2016

Tineke is very professional, concretely helped me, insightful and relevant practical advice. In general I feel that I am a better person and professional for visiting her.
I contacted her because I recently got a promotion at work as Head Products Development.

E-Commerce Director F/36

Published: 07 March 2016

Working with Tineke enabled me to gain an informed, fact-based perspective on my own performance and to construct personal goals based on a better understanding of my satisfaction drivers and development needs....her ability to reflect on a range of cross-cultural experiences and her concrete advice was always greatly appreciated.

Division manager F/34

Published: 05 February 2016

This is one of the best coaching/training itinerray I have followed. Tineke truly has changed my life. In a way it made work, my leadership and live all much more simple, but with so much more meaning.

IT Business analyst F/29

Published: 28 November 2015

The coaching brought me an insight on myself, I got to discover why I do some things the way I do and how to handle it. Being aware is key for improvement and growth. In small steps we worked together towards my development. Tineke creates a warm and safe environment to open without judging or trying to lead the conversation.

Director Financial Reporting M/40

Published: 20 November 2015

Coaching question: “ I enjoy my job and I would like to continue to develop and increase my seniority. I would like to improve my self-confidence. I would like to come across as having more self-belief and worry less. I want to get my point better across and learn how to present myself better and be more assertive.

Risk manager M/40

Published: 05 February 2014

My work was stressful; I missed structure and deadlines and procrastinated. My energy was low and my self-esteem also. I wanted to feel more energized and able to handle my efficiency and perfectionism.